Diaper Deals, Coupons Cash Back and More

Diapers are a huge expensive when you have a baby and they stay in diapers for a long time. Years ago cloth diapers were the main thing and than disposable became all the rage, however times are changing and more eco friendly are become more popular. Regardless of what type of diaper you put on your little one; you should not need to break the bank.

Here are a list of popular and regular places to get coupons, cash back and discounts. There are times you can use coupons along with promotions such as PC Optimum Points and save huge amounts on your diapers. If you not signed up to all these resources below; sign up! Get the grandparents too as well as who can not use double the savings.

Pampers Club is one of the most popular and right now they have an amazing bonus of getting $40 off Ergobaby products. This website you can earn rewards for free items and they have printable coupons that you can print monthly. Visit them here to get started!

Checkout 51 offers you cash back on your purchases. Just about every week there is a diaper offer. Not only is there offers for diapers but other baby items as well. You can get cash back from simply taking a picture of your receipt. The best part is that both you and your spouse can have an account as there is not a limit per household but each family member needs to have their own device. I have personally received back over $800. Join Checkout 51 for free to start saving!

Coupon Nannie’s Smart Source Portal! Yes we have coupons right at your fingertips. You can print off 2 of each coupon per computer browser per computer approximately every 30 days. Visit Coupon Nannie’s Coupons right here

Visiting P&G Coupons will let you find all the coupons such as One Pampers Pure Protection and other baby related coupons. Check them out to get your savings!

Huggies normally has approximately $10 of printable coupons at any given time. Visit here to see what offers they have.

You may notice that many coupons are printable and if you do not have a printed it will be well worth your while to spend $35 on a cheap printer. If that is not a possibility, you local library normally can do prints for 25 cents each and each piece of paper can hold 3 coupons.

To maximize your savings watch for sales, clearances and other sales. Watch for promotions to earn bonus Air Miles, Bonus PC Optimum Points to maximize you savings.

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