Amazing Points & Amazing Offers – This is how you do it!

It’s been a bit since I posted a shop on how I try to do things to get the best deals and maximize my points, coupons and sales. It required 3 transactions and 2 stores but it will all make sense and you can probably go repeat it!

Stop one is Shoppers Drug Mart, I had an offer in my app today that if I redeemed 50 000 points I would earn score 40% of points back!

What did I buy?

  • Royal Bathroom tissue $5.99
  • 2X Frozen Oral B Electric toothbrush @ $17.99 each both had $5 coupons on them & buy 2 score 10 000 points(you will be able to see this in the picture I post)
  • 2 X Adult Oral B Electric toothbrush @$24.99 each, both had $5 coupons on them & buy 2 scored 10 000 points
  • Nivea Shower Gel $2.99
  • 8 colgate kids toothpaste @ $0.99 each
  • Listerine with bonus $5.99

My total was $125.18 – 70 000 points – 4 X $5 coupons = $35.18 Earned 38 570 points so I that brought me to 50 543 points!!

Notice the red coupon for $5 on the tooth brush!!!
Watch for coupons on all packaging!!
Check out any promotions on packaging or in packaging
Think.. on sale for $25. – $5 on package coupon – $15- $10 value of coupons inside = $5 – $5 (5000 points value <buy 2 score 10 000> for in store offer = free of sorts! (Never mind the fact I redeemed points for this!!)


I knew Superstore had a deal on turkeys that you could score massive points so off I went to the Super Store. I purchased a 9 kg turkey for $45 and earned 15 000 points! Transaction #1 I redeemed 40 000 points for the turkey and paid $5 cash!! I have no idea how but I now had 25 543 points still!! So round #2

I picked up 10 Oasis juice at $0.66 each (You could water down easily for kids) I grabbed 2 Maple Leaf ham at $7.99 each, they had coupons at the store that if you bought 2 Maple Leaf ham you could get 2 Maple Leaf Ready Bacon for Free that’s regular $7.29! My total came to 23.58 I redeemed 20 000 points and paid $3.58 and still have 5543 points!!

Out of my physical pocket today cost me $43.76!!! LESS than the price of the Turkey!

PC Optimum is the points I am referring to! I also used Checkout51 (to enter contest). I scanned my receipt with both Receipt Hog & Coin out to score points towards FREE STUFF! and my bank card is linked to my Drop account so I earn points for shopping at Shoppers Drug mart!! See the list here!!

Let me know what you think!!

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