Vector an Kellogg’s Protein Cereal – For FREE!! #FreeBreakfast

Vector an Kellogg’s Protein Cereal  – For FREE!!  #FreeBreakfast

Who doesn’t love a good start to every day and cereal is a very quick go to. No one wants to start their day with sugar and garage so more and more people are opting for the healthier options! What If I told you that if you live in Atlantic Canada and have an Atlantic Super Store you could end up getting your cereal for FREE!!

If you go to right now you can get a coupon to buy one box, get a second box free !! Atlantic Superstore has them on sale for $3.99 ; that works out to costing you $1.99 per box! But wait! Check out the cash back app Checkout51 they are offering $2 back PER box and you can claim 2 boxes!!

So that means your paying how much per box?? FREE !!! Plus if you are new to Checkout51, you will probably get an extra credit as a welcome bonus 🙂 has another coupon for BOGO and it matches perfect with another Checkout51 offer , giving you free cereal!

Not bad huh? If your not a fan of these types of cereal, I can guarantee the local homeless shelter, food bank, soup kitchen would love the donation!!

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