Where is your Money Going? Part 1 #Money

Where is your Money Going? Part 1  #Money

Budget, money, more month left than money; these are all things that are on top of peoples concerns but often do not know how to address them. In order to budget your money and assuring you are spending it effectively you need to know where it goes. Over the next month save receipts for EVERYTHING so that you can check against your list your make today and see where you need to adjust. This list may also show you how much it ends up costing to own a home , having cars and just the amount of different insurances you need.

I’m going to share our list as I need a readjustment as we have changed so much since I began Coupon Nannie. We have added a home, cars, trucks, kids, pets, a lot. I will try to keep things in categories to try to keep it organized but you can be sure I will miss categories. We live in a 4 bedroom bungalow with 3 kids, one being a teenager. 4 Giant breed dogs, a cat, a mini poodle and chickens. I’ll put notes in ( ) that could be helpful.


Mortgage Insurance

Home Insurance


House Improvements & Upgrades



Septic Clea nout



Cell Phones



Truck Payment

Truck Insurance

SUV Payment

SUV Insurance

Bike Payment

Bike Insurance

Transportation Maintenance and repair

Bank Fees

Credit Cards


Amazon Prime

Prescription Drugs

Medical Insurance

Dental Insurance

Medical Co Pay

Dental Co Pay

Pet Food

Vet Bills

Meds (worm, flea, tick, etc)

Grocery & Household Supplies

School Fees


Daughter going to University in September






Dining Out

Child Care

The list is quite long and some of them, it doesn’t matter how you write your budget, it is a number that is not going to change, regardless of how much you want it too. Make your list, check it against your bank statement to see what other charges or fee you have paid. These are not including vacations, holidays, etc. In order to figure out where you can cut cost, you need to know where you cost are!

Write down your list, and add your costs beside each one, than add up your total expenses for the month. You should probably sit down! Take this amount and subtract it from how much your household brings in. Frighting isn’t it. I can guarantee it doesn’t matter how much money you make, the number is still shocking.

Once you know where you stand financially. You can start figuring out where you can start saving more money and spending less money. There are many of these things we can change but there are some things we cannot change, such as property taxes. During February we will see how to bring down these costs drastically. We always welcome comments below on your suggestions and input.


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