Drop Gift Cards in Your Lap for places you shop! #Drop

Currently a $5 Sign up bonus with code 8qaii and you can cash out as low as $5

Drop gift cards in your lap for your regular shopping at the places without perks that you wish their were rewards and even bonus perks for your favourite.

My son in law seemed quite surprised I did not have the app Drop since I shop at the “signature” stores on a regular basis and also shop at the stores that you can redeem gift cards for. I asked if he had a link and he sent me a link with a code that would give me 1000 drop points to start.

My code if you use it will give you 1000 points 8qaii however at first I did not think it worked but I had to go to another screen and hit a button to accept it.  Or you can visit here to go directly to the app (your code will be in the account sections for your to accept and get your 1000 points)

The stores I had for ongoing offers are (I was allowed to choose from a few others as well) My offers are Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Walmart, Shell (Air miles) and Shoppers Drug Mart (PC Optimum).

Tim Hortons – Earn 5 Points per $1 Spent
Walmart – Earn 2 Points per $1 Spent
McDonalds – Earn 5 points per $1 Spent
Shoppers Drug Mart – Earn 3 Points per $1 Spent
Shell – Earn 3 Points Per $1 Spent (I get my car washes there)

They do give you bonus points for following them on twitter, facebook. You need to go under your account (click on your picture – top right ) and accept your bonus points if someone gave you a code. You can start redeeming your points as low as 5,000 points! (As of March 25, 2019 – you can get 5000 points FREE for linking a card!

Register today and start dropping gift cards into your lap. Use code 8qaii to get a Free $5 BONUS!!!

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