52 Week Savings Challenge ! Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020??

4252 Week Savings Challenge !

Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020??

How Does it Work?

Grab a Large Jar ๐Ÿ™‚

Well for 52 week challenge you save the same amount of money for which week you are on.

For instance week one you save $1, week two you save $2, and so on.

By the end of your 52 weeks you will have saved $1,378.00.

It may not seem like a whole lot, but it is when you are not taking that much each week from your paycheck and just putting it in a jar and allowing it to add up.

If Your household has two incomes both try doing the challenge, so in 52 weeks you will have saved $2,756.00 or more because when your other half throws their loose change on the dresser-  add that in there as well….every little bit counts ๐Ÿ˜‰

52 Week Money Challenge Chart

Click here for PDF File ๐Ÿ™‚ That means you can save it and/or print it ๐Ÿ™‚

3 responses to “52 Week Savings Challenge ! Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020??”

  1. I did a modified version of this for 2013. I started at two dollars and then doubled each week. When got halfway through I started going back downwards. This way I found I was not having to pull out large amounts leading up to Christmas. Will definitely be doing this again this year.

  2. I did this last year and was very successful! Definitely doing it again this year. When I am employed (seasonal work), I put end of month extras in on top of it too. Fun to watch it add up! I use a savings account that I can’t touch with my debit card to save because I know I would accidentally spend it if I had access or if it was cash in a jar.

  3. I have seen this before but didnโ€™t do it. Now that I am retired, I really need to maximize my savings and this really sounds doable. I like the idea that someone else used by saving $2 in the first week and doubling until they get to the middle and then work backwards. Thanks for the idea.

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