Get a Free Vet Visit up to $150 !!

Get a Free Vet Visit up to $150 !!

This is an incredible offer from Iams Canada to help pay for your pet’s annual exam, Yes a Free VET VISIT!

If you have or more pets you know how expensive vet bills can be. Our home is a hobby farm so we have a few cows, goats, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats, ducks and even a pair of Peafowl and a month does not go by that we don’t need a vet for something. It could be as simple as getting parasite control or it could be something much more complicated, regardless all of the animals get an annual check up. We have a large animal vet that comes here for the farm animals as who wants to lug 4 cows to the vet but the smaller animals and rescue dogs we take in all require a small animal vet who we take them too routinely.

If you simply spend $40 on Iams food and ensure you vet gets their annual checkup , you submit the receipts and Iams will pay your vet bill up to $150.00 Canadian!!

Upload a photo of your receipt. Remember: To be eligible, your receipt must show you’ve spent $40 on IAMS™ pet food from Dec 31, 2021 to Feb 28, 2022 in a single transaction.

Your vet appointment also needs to be no later than February 28, 2022. Visit Iams here to see all the terms and conditions

Tell me this isn’t the best coupon you have found all year! $150 VALUE!!

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