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  • Grocery Shopping at Dollarama – How much can you save?

    Grocery Shopping at Dollarama – How much can you save? It’s not secret that grocery prices like everything else are going through the roof but can you really do grocery shopping at the Dollarama? How much can you save? Is it worth the trip or should you not bother? The grocery bills are soaring , […]

  • Cutting the Cord to Cable & Satellite – It really is time.

    Cutting the Cord to Cable & Satellite – It really is time. Just like most everyone in Canada at one point or another, I too had a monthly bill for my television watching that somehow grew to over $100 per month plus tax and I knew it was time to cut the cord and rely […]

  • Is Private Label Store Brand food Really Cheaper?

    You have seen all the tips and trick of grocery shopping but is the private label brand food really cheaper than the brand name food? Today I looked at various foods and found that the way things are placed on the shelf and their pricing strategy are designed to make you think that private label […]

  • Credit Repair & Improving your score in 2022

    Credit Repair Credit is something we all need if we want to own a home, buy a car, get a credit card. It is not hard to screw it up as often it is given to us at a young age with no real instructions on how to manage it and what a privileged credit […]

  • January Steps to 2021 Financial Success – Budget 2021

    January Steps to 2021 Financial Success – Budget 2021 Get your credit report for free and set up for credit fraud monitoring to protect it. Learn how to repair your credit and improve it on and ongoing basis Make a list of all your bills, when they are due, how much they are a month, […]

  • Gift Cards that will Make 2021 Holiday Season easier!

    Making the Holidays 2021 Just a bit less Stressful! Buy a gift card every week, it can be as low as $5 and has high as $100. Put the in an envelope with the receipt. When December comes, pull out your gift cards and breath a sigh of relief that you have a little stock […]

  • January Budget – Are we on track on need a restart?

    We made it to 2021 and it’s time to dust off this article from last year and see what updates we can make and try to get everyone on track and in a good position to make better financial decisions this year. Why not keep more money in your pocket? Food prices are expected to […]

  • Coupon Lingo ~ Let’s make sense of it all.

    Coupons equal savings and trust me when I saw you can save a lot of money with coupons and I will show you how to do that but first you need to learn the coupon lingo. It’s the lingo that is often most often not understood and that leads to not getting maximum savings! How […]

  • Covid-19 Benefits , Tax Credits and other Financial Assistance

    Covid-19 Benefits and assistance Are you working from home? Pay attention to this tax credit announced $400 Tax Credit with no questions asked. Make sure you are aware of the traditional tax credits you are eligible for just from working from home! Make sure you are saving your receipts! Check out what it’s saying here […]

  • Mogo Savings and Freebies inside

    Mogo empowers Canadians with simple and powerful solutions to help them improve their financial health and live more sustainably. By signing up to Mogo, Canadians like you, have access to the following free services and savings. Free Credit Score – free monthly credit score monitoring MogoProtect – free identity fraud protection These are amazing free […]