• Gift Cards that will Make 2021 Holiday Season easier!

    Making the Holidays 2021 Just a bit less Stressful! Buy a gift card every week, it can be as low as $5 and has high as $100. Put the in an envelope with the receipt. When December comes, pull out your gift cards and breath a sigh of relief that you have a little stock […]

  • Where is your Money Going? Part 1 #Money

    Where is your Money Going? Part 1  #Money

    Budget, money, more month left than money; these are all things that are on top of peoples concerns but often do not know how to address them. In order to budget your money and assuring you are spending it effectively you need to know where it goes. Over the next month save receipts for EVERYTHING […]

  • Make December a Stress Free Month! #PayingYourself

    We all feel that financial crunch all year long and December seems to kick us the hardest and if December doesn’t take us out; January will normally. When you see larger amounts that need to be paid out, it can create stress. If you break it up in smaller amounts over a period of time […]

  • 52 Week Savings Challenge ! Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020??

    52 Week Savings Challenge ! Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020?? How Does it Work? Grab a Large Jar 🙂 Well for 52 week challenge you save the same amount of money for which week you are on. For instance week one you save $1, week two you save $2, and so on. […]

  • 2019 Financial Goals – Working Together #Goals2019

    Declutter & Budget this month for the New Year; 2019 Financial goals . We all know we set goals for the New Year and rarely keep them and that is mostly as we have our selves set up for failure. Many people celebrated New Year’s Eve so their motivation to do anything the next day […]